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The EY RPA and Intelligent Automation (IA) practice in Advisory Services focuses on business solutions enabled by automation, including RPA, machine learning, natural language generation, natural language processing and other AI tools.   EY has a global team of thousands of automation professionals that delivered hundreds of projects globally for clients, internally and externally.  As one of the largest users of AI, EY deployed AI to innovate its business processes and drive efficiency, with an agile delivery approach and new market offerings.  These include a change management approach to address automation anxiety, a client portal to provide real-time digital services enabled by RPA/AI, and a cognitive managed service offering, to name a few. The EY value proposition is based in its business issued-led approach to solve complex business issues and business demands.  EY has a focused, vendor-agnostic and holistic approach and program across clients’ organizations, using the latest technologies.

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