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July 29 - 31, 2019
Chicago, IL

Karlee Moore

Global OCM Lead - Financial Services
Eli Lilly and Company


This very unique interactive session will be split into several parts. Part 1 - Our Workshop leaders will give an overview presentation of a few IA marketing strategies that have been utilized by a variety of organizations to “sell” Intelligent Automation internally, showing: 1) what can be done, 2) what has worked well, 3) and how to go about doing x – from the samples provided by the session speakers. Part 2 - the session will turn into a show & tell dynamic amongst the audience members and speakers, so the group can discuss, either: 1) what they, and/or their organization has done thus far, either successfully or not so successfully, 2) other IA marketing strategies they have heard of and would like to discuss further.

Please note, all attendees must come to this session prepared to participate, bringing samples of IA marketing strategies they want to share with the group as a show & tell process – which do not need to be from their organization.

Attend this very interactive Workshop to learn about:

  • Marketing messaging designed for a variety of departments, individuals,
and teams that will help you avoid miscommunications’ mishaps and/or
  • Realistic timelines to set up and maintain a variety of IA communications
programs to ensure IA roll out success
  • Communication platforms that may be best for your IA marketing
strategy such as: social media sites, internal customer support portals/
contact centers, your website, etc.

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Karlee .

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