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July 29 - August 01, 2019
Chicago, IL

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Intelligent Automation Week Post Show Report

After a successful year for the Intelligent Automation Event Series, we put together an in depth look at our event with this Post Show Report.The Report Includes:Testimonials from past attendees such as AIG, NASDAQ, Equifax and more...

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AI & Intelligent Automation Market Report Q4

Dive into the state of the industry with the year ending AiiA Network Market Report for an overview of how the top thought leaders executed their strategies and their results. To receive a copy in your inbox, please email

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THE IA WORKFORCE: Making the Most of Your Intelligent Automation Talent

A brief overview of:Expert advice for effecting building IA teams and measuring productivityWhy humans are the key to intelligent automation successCommon IA talent management mistakes and how to avoid themUnderstanding what's coming over the horizon when it comes to IA talent

AUXIS Journal: "Getting Beyond the Hype": Where Are We With RPA in 2018?

Take a look at the amazing content created by one of our great sponsors, AUXIS. "Getting Beyond the Hype" produced by the AUXIS Peak Performance Blog explores the future of RPA based off of its present continuous growth.

AUXIS Journal: “Getting Beyond the Hype – Part 2”: Key First Steps for RPA Success

Take a look at the amazing content created by one of our great sponsors, AUXIS. In their second iteration of "Getting Beyond the Hype" , the AUXIS Peak Performance Blog creates a road map towards the key first steps towards success by identifying the RPA opportunities.

60 Processes to Consider for RPA

In this creative info-graphic, AUXIS defines the multiple different functions to keep in mind when it comes to RPA.

How Bots Augment Human Productivity

Task-based automation is happening across all enterprise support functions. In IT, virtual engineers are restarting web servers for systems engineers. In finance, RPA bots are setting up customer contracts for AP clerks, and in customer care centers, chatbots are partnering with agents to reduce social engineering. Read more about how...

Three Areas of Focus to Enhance Business Value

The word “transformation” may very well be the most common term in business today. But what exactly does it mean? Ask ten business and IT operations professionals to define the term transformation, and you will likely get ten different answers. For most enterprises, the conversation about transformation is about increasing...

Making the Most of Intelligent Automation: How Barclays Achieved End-To-End Process Automation

Former Business Process Transformation Specialist, Assistant Vice President - Continuous Improvement, LEAN & RPA at Barclays, Vartul Mittal walks us through how Barclays:Leveraged RPA to optimize end-to-end business processes Built a robotics and automation center of excellence Developed and rolled-out a comprehensive communications strategy to drive adoptionand more!

The Top 5 Reasons your RPA is failing you

Implementing RPA systems has its challenges and frustrations. Take a look at this blog post from AntWorks and learn about the top 5 reasons your RPA is failing you.

4 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Affect Work and Society

It is a common fear that AI is going to takeover people’s jobs – but will it? AI will most likely be adopted by your business and creep into your work and Morgan Stanley is the first to say that artificial intelligence is taking over their employees’ tasks. Be prepared...

AI and Bots: Disruptors of the Banking Industry

Artificial Intelligence is expected to permanently change the banking industry in profound ways during the coming months and years. Companies want to seek a competitive edge by implementing more technology to achieve improvements in speed, cost, accuracy and efficiency. In this report you'll learn 4 prominent ways that bots are...

AI 2020: The Global State of Intelligent Enterprise

The AiiA Network worked with 400+ IA professionals to determine what the future looks like for AI. Access this 27 page report to gain insights on the findings that came from this in depth research. Email to receive a copy via email.

Robots Are Coming: 7 Reasons Why Resistance is Futile

The march of technology is inexorable, which is why we launched the Robotic Process Automation Summit in the first place. If you still need proof that RPA will soon become the new normal, look no further.

Interview with Adrienne Peseller, Change Management Leader, RPA CoE at Prudential

Watch our exclusive on-site Interview with Adrienne Peseller, Change Management Leader, RPA CoE at Prudential. Learn about the opportunities they took from their failures during the RPA implementation to come up with implementation solutions.

Interview with Kevin Kroen, Partner at PwC

Exclusive on-site interview with Kevin Kroen, Partner at PwC.

5 Ways to Leverage RPA, Regardless of the Size of Your Organization

Historically, RPA has experienced somewhat of a mixed reception by employees who fear of being replaced and senior leadership who often dismiss it as relevant only to organizations that deal with high transactional volumes and big budgets. Despite these views, the demand for RPA tools is growing quickly and is...

How NASA is Making the Most of Intelligent Automation

Jim Walker is the Services Portfolio Manager at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Shared Service Center (NSSC).discusses:Innovative technology solutions implemented into NASA and the hurdles that were encounteredExamples of the successes NASA has had with implementation of intelligent automationHow the NSSC is preparing to offer bots as a...

Automation and AI: The C-suite's NUMBER ONE Strategic Imperative

Most global enterprises have embarked on their digital transformation journey, but only a handful have found the right mantra to truly embrace automation in their operations. This report, which is based on research conducted by HfS Research with support of Hexaware, aims to drive a fact-based discussion on the impact...

The Little Guide of Big 'IAdeas': Intelligent Automation in the Digital Workforce

Artificial intelligence is a phrase now common in a range of public literature, marketing material and company statements, but what specifically does it mean and what is its relevance? This guide, the first in a series, denotes that artificial intelligence (AI) is a broad term used to define intelligence designed...

Embracing Intelligent Automation: The EY Global Story

Just over a year ago, EY took the first steps in our intelligent automation journey, with three proof of concepts, and today we have over 500 internal processes automated that help improve customer experience, quality of services and efficiency. The initiative was sponsored by EY Global leadership, and led to...

THE AI NETWORK PODCAST: Marcin Nowakowski, CFO/CAO, BNP Paribas

CFO/CAO BNP Paribas Poland Operations Marcin Nowakowski joins us from the RPA & AI BFSI Summit where he shares that as a CFO he of course hears from executives during the budget process, throughout execution and specifically during process improvement projects like automation. In the grand scheme of things and...


Marek Sowa is a techie. He’s not ops, he’s not financial services. That said, he’s not a traditional programmer. So he see’s it as he creates ideas and delivers results. He wants to make sense in that he’s speaking the same language as everyone with whom he’s working. So he’s...

THE AI NETWORK PODCAST: Henry Lyles, Director of Global Business Services in Continuous Improvement, Data Excellence & Automation for McDonald’s

Recorded at Intelligent Automation Chicago which is his hometown. Henry Lyles joins us as the Director of Global Business Services in Continuous Improvement, Data Excellence & Automation for McDonald’s. He was originally an accountant by trade but based on the monotony, Henry found a new love in programming. Recognizing his...

Managing the Move From Tactical RPA to Digital Enablement

Unlocking intelligent automation success is about managing expectations and understanding which phase of maturity you're working towards. Read in this article by virtual operations' executive chairman, Nick Andrews, details about the automation maturity stages, and how to best manage your expectations.

Interactive Report: Top 5 Ways Intelligent Automation is Transforming Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Companies of all types are leveraging intelligent automation to not only boost efficiency, but to help power their digital transformations—to innovate better, boost customer service and satisfaction, empower employees, and increase revenues and profits. As pharmaceutical firms work to close the gap between rising R&D costs and profits in an...

Intelligent Automation: The Next Horizon of Pharmaceutical Innovation

This short 2018 IA in Pharma Market Snapshot provides a quick overview of how life sciences companies are leveraging AI, IoT and machine learning to revolutionize drug discovery, regulatory reporting, operational efficiency and more! Whether you've been applying IA to pharma processes for years or are brand new to the...

Implementing Blockchain Technology with IBM

Find out more about how IBM partnered with Global Banking Leaders in using future technology to transform the industry. Access the interview today or request a copy via email at

2018 Presenations

Earn Big Gains By Starting Off Small With a RPA Pilot Program

Presentation by Greg Meinhardt, Director of Finance Operations, CH Robinson and Ritesh Jain, Associate Vice President & Head of Automation, HCL Business Services, HCL Business Services.By starting small with a RPA pilot program, monitoring your successes and failures along your journey, you’re able to take the lessons learned and move...

Modernize Your Phone System with Intelligent Automation

Presentation by Jamel Jones, Director, IVR Operations, Comcast Cable.After dialing a company’s 1-800 number, customers are typically met with an automated phone (IVR) system they despise. Common customer complaints are “it doesn’t understand me”, “it can’t help me with my problem” or “I just want to speak to a real...

Desktop Automation – Your Employees’ Personal Assistant and Best Friend

Presentation by Joseph Magliacano, Robotic Process Automation Analyst, AsurionAsurion is a long time user of the NICE process automation and desktop guidance solutions. Their center of excellence supports their business units with new and valuable automation solutions on a daily basis. Check out this presentation to understand why every organization needs...

Intelligent Automation Marketing Strategies Show & Tell

Karlee Moore, Global OCM Lead - Financial Services, Eli Lilly and Company created this presentation to provide an overview of a few IA marketing strategies that have been utilized by a variety of organizations to “sell” Intelligent Automation internally, showing: 1) what can be done, 2) what has worked well,...

Is RPA Right For You?: Determining If Intelligent Automation Is Right For Your Business Operations

Presentation by Jasmine Tehara, VP, Business Optimization, Investment Division, Manulife.Covers the necessary steps to properly evaluate if it’s the right time for your business operations to move forward with intelligent automation, based upon scope, budget, stakeholder and staff buying, regulations’ standards, process transactions’ volumes, etc. Provides the best timelines for...

When to Kill a Bot & Why Would You?

Presentation by Josh Remacle, Digital Workforce Leader, Koch Business Solutions.Imagine this scenario. One day after many successes in your IA journey something goes wrong either on an infrastructure-level or your stakeholders decide to either nix or expand your IA programs, leaving you with a kill or not to kill bot...

Unlocking the True Value of Automation

Presentation by:Chris Gilmore, PMP, Application Technology Leader, AetnaAtul Soneja, Head of Business Development, EdgeVerveAutomation journey starts with deterministic automation, focuses on saving time and effort by utilizing robots to automate repetitive and rule-based business processes. As the starting point in the automation continuum, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) capabilities identify inefficiencies...

Big Trouble in Little Processes: Strategies for Automation in Less Standardized and Lower Volume Processes

Presentation by:Max Cheprasov, Chief Automation Officer, Dentsu Aegis Network, USATed Shelton, Chief Customer Officer, Catalytic, Inc.The easy case for automation is when your process is highly standardized and has a high volume of transactions (and people) involved. But what do you do when a process has not been standardized, is...