August 05 - 08, 2019
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Get the very first look at our Intelligent Automation Week Chicago program! Access the draft agenda at a glance for more details on what you can expect on each day of IA Week 2019. What's Inside:Information on our workshop day set upAll the program features you kno ...

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Intelligent Automation Week: Post Show Report

After a successful year for the Intelligent Automation Week Event Series, we put together an in depth look at our event with this Post Show Report.The Report Highlights:Attendee demographics including international statisticsAttendees main challenges and priority areas for 2019Past attending companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and AIGExclusive experiences happening at Intelligent Automation Week...

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Intelligent Automation Event Series

Check out this year's IA event calendar! Explore all of the different intelligent automation events from banking and finance to healthcare to our main flagship event in Chicago. Learn more about the different ways to experience Intelligent Automation.

Intelligent Automation Event Series 2018: Year in Review

Review last year's timeline of the Intelligent Automation Week Series. Take a look back at event highlights and how the IA series is reshaping the future of business processes.

Exclusive Content

THE IA WORKFORCE: Making the Most of Your Intelligent Automation Talent

A brief overview of:Expert advice for effecting building IA teams and measuring productivityWhy humans are the key to intelligent automation successCommon IA talent management mistakes and how to avoid themUnderstanding what's coming over the horizon when it comes to IA talent

4 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Affect Work and Society

It is a common fear that AI is going to takeover people’s jobs – but will it? AI will most likely be adopted by your business and creep into your work and Morgan Stanley is the first to say that artificial intelligence is taking over their employees’ tasks. Be prepared...

AI and Bots: Disruptors of the Banking Industry

Artificial Intelligence is expected to permanently change the banking industry in profound ways during the coming months and years. Companies want to seek a competitive edge by implementing more technology to achieve improvements in speed, cost, accuracy and efficiency. In this report you'll learn 4 prominent ways that bots are...

Intelligent Automation: The Next Horizon of Pharmaceutical Innovation

This short 2018 IA in Pharma Market Snapshot provides a quick overview of how life sciences companies are leveraging AI, IoT and machine learning to revolutionize drug discovery, regulatory reporting, operational efficiency and more! Whether you've been applying IA to pharma processes for years or are brand new to the...

Implementing Blockchain Technology with IBM

Find out more about how IBM partnered with Global Banking Leaders in using future technology to transform the industry. Access the interview today or request a copy via email at

Past Presentations from IA Week

Case Study: NASA’S Shared Services Center (NSSC) IA Journey

The NASA Shared Services Center (NSSC) deployed the first RPA bot in the Federal government in May of 2017. It has been a little over a year and the NSSC has started to make the shift from bot building to sustainment and scalability. The Intelligent Automation Services office has been...

From Factory Setting to Rebooting Your IA Bots - Setting Up & Maintaining Realistic IA Program Expectations

The time is takes to achieve bot ROI is one of the greatest challenges in an intelligent journey/adoption. The time to reach break-even could range from six months for standard processes, to up to two years for complex programs. The cost savings also range between 10 – 50% depending on...

Look Mom, I Can Do It All by Myself Now! – Standing IA Tall & Strong

It’s been quite sometime since you first put on your IA training wheels. Sure you fell down a few times, but your IA wounds have heeled and now you’re ready to stand tall and learn how to be 100% self-sufficient, or at least as much as possible.This presentation discusses:ƒƒHow to...

Case Study: How Does an RPA Practice Co-Exist with a Continuous Improvement Centre of Excellence?

Does your organization have a Continuous Improvement, Lean Six Sigma, or process design capability? If so, are they part of your RPA practice or rollout team? How do they engage in the design and rollout of a bot?This presentation explores:Structure of the RPA team: what role does the Process Designer...

Developing & Managing the Best of the Best IA Technologies to Meet the Needs of Your Customers

This presentation discusses:ƒƒDetermining which IA technologies would provide the greatest ROI for a variety of customer types, i.e.- Modest & Proud, Mid-Cap, or Big Daddy Operations - and how to develop said programs to meet their most pressing business needsProgram options and scenarios that ranging from a shoestring budget to...

A Collection of Past Presentations from Intelligent Automation Week Austin 2018

In preparation for IA Week Chicago 2019, we wanted to exclusively share these past presentations with you. Below you will find expert content on: Case Study: NASA’S Shared Services Center (NSSC) IA Journey: Kenneth Newton, Director, Service Delivery, NASA Shared Services Center, NASAFrom Factory Setting to Rebooting Your IA Bots...

New Content!

AI & Intelligent Automation Market Report Q4

Dive into the state of the industry with the year ending AiiA Network Market Report for an overview of how the top thought leaders executed their strategies and their results. To receive a copy in your inbox, please email

Artificial Intelligence: The Enemy or the Hero?

Humans all over the world have mixed feelings on the power of artificial intelligence and what it might do to society and jobs. Many are scared and afraid. What most people do not take time to do is research how it’s doing good for the environment, health system and governmental...

8 Ways AI is Changing FinTech

Fintech in the banking world has increased over the years in order to reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction with personal management via AI technology like chat bots. Access this infographic report for other was AI is changing fintech. For a copy sent to your inbox, please email 

An Enterprise Guide to Ensuring IoT Security

The growth of IoT devices in the consumer market has grown exponentially in recent years and this is set to continue with 24 billion internet-connected devices expected to be installed globally by 2020. With this increase comes fears of privacy and sensitive data loss as prominent attacks and security flaws,...

Opposing Paradigms: Blockchain vs. Artificial Intelligence

Not sure if you should be using artificial intelligence or blockchain technology? Wondering if one is safer than the other? Gain insights on the characteristics of both and learn which one is the biggest threat.

Global Intelligent Automation Market Report (H2 2018)

Robotic process automation is becoming increasingly recognized as the “gateway drug” to digital transformation, particularly among the more advanced practitioners. However, the very fact that its impact is potentially enterprise-wide means it requires a coalition of stakeholders in order to be successful.How prepared is your operation for broader automation deployment?Intelligent...

How Data Analytics Can Drive A Better Talent Retention Strategy

Data analytics and data science roles have been increasing within SSCs and other operations. With many organizations understanding the true value and power that data analytics can have on all aspects of the company, including HR and retention strategies, now is the time to develop a data strategy that will...


RPA Implementation Insights with AIG's Global Senior Director

Global Senior Director from AIG Manik Patel lends his thoughts on how to identify your problems and properly prioritize your strategy in order for a successful implementation process. Patel also shares his insights on how IA technologies have impacted the nature of work in the industry both internally and externally.

IA's Impact on the Insurance Industry

Michael Edmonds, Robotic Process Automation Manager at Farmers New World Life Insurance Company sat down with us to share how RPA technology is improving the day to day operations in the insurance industry. We discuss his success stories with RPA/ IA implementations to conduct repetitive tasks, in turn, improving the...

IA's Impact on Government Organizations

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Kenneth Newton, Director of Service Delivery at the NASA Shared Services Center to talk about his RPA success stories. Hear more about how RPA & IA has impacted the NASA Shared Services Center as well as how Newton expects these technologies to...

Understanding Cybersecurity

MoneyGram International's former Head of Information Security Engineering, IAM and Automation Roderrick Kaleho provides us with a deeper understanding on cybersecurity. Kaleho breaks down how cybersecurity is affecting today's industry including the top 3 threats to prepare for, tips for IA leaders struggling with these issues, and how to implement...

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